Our mission at Clouded Minds Aviation is to clear the approach to mental health & wellness for ALL in the aviation industry.  Recognising the need for creation of an environment & ethos that promotes and supports the mental health and wellbeing of those in aviation, whilst encouraging open, non-judgmental and where necessary anonymised conversations, we have created a charter to innovatively begin to make positive change.

Clearing the approach to aviation mental health & wellness

Our vision is to transform, educate, mentor and support businesses and individuals throughout their journey within the aviation industry, from training to recruitment and beyond.  We are passionate about implementing positive change to create a healthier, more respectful, humanised and resilient culture.

Why is this important?

Clearing the approach to how mental health & wellness in aviation is managed is key to improving resilience, support & recovery without fear or judgement, whilst minimising risks and increasing wellbeing & safety.  Without the correct change & intervention, the negative impact will continue to rise. 


Poor concentration, poor decision making, increase in mistakes, reduction in clear headed thinking, slower responses etc.


Irritability, sensitive nature, mood swings, irrational, tearful, low motivation, low confidence, loss of sense of humour, heightened anxiety, anger etc.


Changes in behaviour, reduction in confidence, late for work, increased absence, increased presenteeism, change in verbal & body language, withdrawn, reduction in performance etc.


Fatigue, poor sleep, headaches, digestive issues, weight loss or gain, aches & pains, low immunity, poor personal appearance etc.

Those in Aviation suffer with Mental Health too

Choosing to live in silence and having no choice but to suffer are two very different points - don't be an Aviation industry mental health statistic.

Aviate Mental Health

Don't fly solo with your mental health! Our podcast is clearing the approach to make the importance of good mental health & wellbeing visible.

100% Anonymous solution

We remove the fear, reduce the stigma and bring you the opportunity to be supported without judgement, whilst helping you reach improved health & wellbeing.

1 in 5

experience depression or anxiety

1 in 4

are diagnosed with mental health issues

1 in 5

are undiagnosed with mental health issues

1 in 6

have symptoms associated with poor mental health

What are the benefits?

In addition to the improved mental health & wellness of individuals, there is a huge positive impact to your business too: -

  • Decrease in absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace

  • Increase in productivity, communication & staff retention

  • Creation of an inclusive, open & supportive culture

  • Reduction of errors & risks and a safer workforce

  • Decrease in staff grievance & discrimination issues

Tailored to your business

The Clouded Minds Charter framework enables us to give you help where you need it the most.


Workplace & staff wellness assessments - highlighting strengths & areas for improvement.


Detailed gap analysis & structured feedback plus bespoke learning path delivery.


Our Aviation Mental Health Awareness course plus other recommended training to fulfil charter status.


Dedicated mental health & wellness online & phone support for the company & staff.

How the Aviation Mental Health and Wellbeing Charter works

Our simple process to bring you a healthier, safer and more resilient workforce.

Enabling your business to create an environment that promotes and supports your staff's mental health and wellbeing, and that proactively supports and encourages your staff to be open without fear or judgement.

Enquiry, Application & Registration


Enquire today to learn more about how we can help you, and/or complete our quick application & registration form.

Assessment, Analysis & Training


After registration & then payment, we will conduct an assessment of your workplace & current practices.  Full analysis will be provided along with your bespoke  training pathway including our unique Aviation Mental Health Awareness course, alongside online & telephone support. 

Accreditation, Support & Annual Review


Upon completion of the learning pathway & successful assessment, Aviation Mental Health & Wellbeing Charter member status will be awarded, and ongoing online & telephone support will be provided.  An annual audit will be undertaken as part of the renewal of membership.

Are you looking to increase mental health resilience & wellness in your company?

Complete Aviation Mental Health & Wellbeing Solution

providing guidance & support throughout the whole aviation industry

Business Aviation



Flight Operations

Flight Training

Air Traffic Control

From training, recruitment and beyond


A few more helpful points for you..

Am I able to chat with someone before registering?
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Yes, you can speak to one of our Clouded Minds Aviation team by calling +44 208 050 3045 or emailing hello@clouded-minds.uk to request a call back.

How do I find out more about the charter membership rates for my company?
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We will happily send you details of membership after receiving your initial enquiry (without obligation).  Please complete the form above and someone from the Clouded Minds Aviation team will be in contact with you.

I'm only a small organisation can I still join?
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Absolutely. We are able to help all sizes of organisations small and large and look forward to helping you.

How can I contact you?
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You can speak to one of our Clouded Minds Aviation team by calling +44 208 050 3045 or emailing hello@clouded-minds.uk.

What are your support hours?
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Our administrative office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

I'm not a company but am interested in your Aviation Mental Health Awareness Course?
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We do offer the ability for individuals to attend our Aviation Mental Health Awareness Course, please contact us to find out more details and our latest availability.

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